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One Tool. Many Goals.

Working without redirects

Keitaro supports uploading landing pages, opening them without redirects, and changing a link's content on the go.

All stats inside the tracker

The affiliate and advertising networks' stats can be accumulated in one tool - conversions, revenue, costs, ROI, etc.

Traffic distribution

More than 30 filters for traffic distribution based on geo, ISP, device type, etc. The opportunity to upload your own filters.

Built-in landing pages and offers editor

The code can be edited right in the Keitaro interface.

Ultimate integration opportunities

PHP, JS, WordPress clients, iframes, banners, doorways, and other scripts.

Link Protection

Various algorithms of bot detection and blocking of unwanted visits to your resources.

Flexible settings

Custom configuration of user flows and traffic funnel movements, split testing, user binding, and monitoring.

Various levels of access

Ability to create users with flexible rights settings in different time zones. Teamwork and delegation of duties with different levels of access.

Fully functional API

To access and work with the tracker at the server level.

Split Testing & Rotators

Traffic distribution between landings, offers and direct URLs. Various filters will help you to fine-tune your targeting.

  • Working without redirects
  • Redirects and actions work out quickly, regardless of the size of the database
  • Landing pages and offers replacement on the go
  • Offer rotation directly from your landing page
  • Targeting filters: countries, regions, mobile operators, source tokens, schedule, number of clicks and many others
  • Ability to add your own filters and macros


Integration with any traffic sources

Keitaro works with traffic from ad networks, mobile traffic, with regular sites and landing pages.

  • Keitaro supports ad networks with CPC, CPuC, CPM, CPA, RevShare, CPS payment models
  • Instant connection of sources from templates. There are more than 100 templates, including Facebook, Google Ads, Yandex.Direct, Exoclick, Zeropark, Propeller Ads and others
  • Available currencies are USD, EUR, GBP, RUB, UAH
  • Sending postbacks to ad networks and third-party services
  • Automatic expenses update from Facebook
  • Statistics on all the necessary parameters, for example, AdCampaign ID, SiteID, CreativeID, ExternalID, Keyword, Referrer and additional SubID for ad network tokens

Flexibility in scheme settings

Keitaro supports a large number of redirects, allows you to perform various actions: showing an HTML page, showing an error, executing JS code, and loading external content.

  • Split traffic between offers, landing pages, and bundles of offers + landings
  • The ability to edit landing pages right in the tracker
  • Redirects: HTTP redirect, double meta redirect, JS redirects, redirect with an empty referrer, redirect for iframe/script
  • Actions: display text or HTML page, open in a frame, CURL or switch to another campaign
  • The ability to add your own redirects and actions
  • Banners, context advertising, popups, popunders, and other types of advertising in the frame and directly in the context of the page of your site
  • The ability to replace all the streams and URLs in a campaign that have already passed moderation in the ad network


Statistics and reports

Keitaro allows you to build reports with multi-level grouping and connect the necessary metrics.

  • Groupings: GEO, OS, browsers, year, month, week, day of the week, hour, and others
  • Metrics: clicks, costs, profit, time spent on landing, proxy, LP CTR, ROI, EPC, CPC, CPA, eCPM, EC
  • The number of bots, the percentage of bot traffic
  • Customization of all reports, the ability to save report templates
  • Export to CSV and HTML

Work with landing pages and offers

In Keitaro, you can integrate landing pages and offers in different ways - upload the archive into the tracker, use preload and redirects of different types.

  • The code of the landing page can be edited, files can be created and uploaded to the archive directly in the tracker interface
  • Send leads to the affiliate network via API from on the local landing page
  • A direct switch from landing to offer using a local scheme of work
  • Automatic replacement of the offer in the stream upon reaching the conversion limit (conversion cap)
  • Protect pages from direct visits
  • Setting up split testing within a stream with many landing pages and offers


Link Protection and Cloaking

Keitaro protects your landing pages from bots. There are tools for changing content.

  • Built-in bot database with over 500,000 IP addresses. Updates are released every two weeks
  • Redirect bots to other pages or display a safe page
  • Details on bots and reports on bot traffic
  • Admin protection from direct visits
  • Block IP addresses at the server level
  • Custom IP lists and signatures
  • Work with proxied domains
  • Spam bot database, bots database, and bots UA database

Different access levels in Keitaro

The ability to create users with different rights to access the sections of the tracker and statistics.

  • Custom roles - administrator and user
  • User access variability - full access, read-only, access to selected resources, access to selected and user-created resources
  • Permission or prohibition of viewing any metrics in reports and on the tracker pages
  • Ability to work in different time zones
Acl en


Admin API

API is used to work with the tracker at the server level. This allows easy integration with CRM systems and third-party applications.

  • Access to all information about campaigns, offers, landings, sources, statistics
  • Tracker functionality management
  • Updates campaign costs
  • Secure access with personal API keys.
  • Console utilities


  • What options does Keitaro offer that other trackers don't?

    Keitaro allows:
    - to park domains and use them as campaign links;
    - upload local landing pages and open them without redirects;
    - send postbacks from order forms on a website to a tracker and affiliate networks;
    - auto-update Facebook costs;
    - edit landing pages code right inside Keitaro;
    - send and receive postbacks via API;
    - create and use smart links;
    - hassle-free PHP, JS, and WordPress websites integration with Keitaro;
    - create users with different levels of access;
    - build reports using 30+ metrics to measure campaign effectiveness.
  • Is there a trial period?

    Yes, there is. A trial license is issued for 7 days with limited functionality.
  • What payment methods are supported?

    Bank cards, PayPal, WMZ.
  • How do I install Keitaro?

    Reach out our to support team, and we will install a tracker for you for free within an hour during business hours, or use the installation manual.
  • What traffic volume can Keitaro handle?

    The tracker can handle more than 500,000 clicks per day on the cheapest VPS. More than 1,000,000 clicks daily on dedicated servers.
  • Is CloudFlare supported?

    Yes, Keitaro supports proxying from CloudFlare.

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