9.13.6September 13, 2021

  • Fixed: geo databases doesn't detect ipv6 addresses
  • Fixed: Sypex geo databases write error to logs while checking ipv6
  • Fixed: Facebook integration doesn't return id when created via Admin API
  • Fixed: landing page timeout error in logs has incorrect campaign id

9.13.5August 12, 2021

  • Fixed: conversions table indices missed in some cases

9.13.4August 09, 2021

  • Fixed: Cyprus flag is incorrect
  • Fixed: rar files are selectable for local landing pages upload
  • Fixed: when a campaign is set to CPC cost value is disabled

9.13.3July 05, 2021

  • Fixed: black white lists sometimes work incorrectly with digit value
  • Updated: domain error description

9.13.2June 24, 2021

  • Fixed: max uniqueness session ttl now can be more than 2 days
  • Fixed: invalid message when deleting groups from the offers page
  • Fixed: group removal requires JSON post body with the id value
  • Updated: when accessing a newly installed tracker by domain/IP output "Default domain not found" changed to "404 Not Found"

9.13.1June 07, 2021

  • Fixed: shuffling streams after clone change order

9.13.0June 02, 2021

  • New: local landings now have timeout for execution which can be updated in tracker settings
  • Fixed: when url_landing parameter is present do not search for url equal to this parameter value

9.12.15May 27, 2021

  • Fixed: names of custom macros, redirects, and filters aren't shown properly
  • Fixed: uniqueness ttl is overwritten in case the click is sent to another campaign in a stream
  • Fixed: uniqueness checks sometimes have collisions with other clicks

9.12.12May 18, 2021

  • Updated: better performance of local landing pages by switching sandbox to fastcgi
  • Fixed: value in incoming parameters is trimmed in several cases
  • Fixed: logging Notice as Error
  • Fixed: error in case of disabled GDPR compliance mode and no landings in stream
  • Added:,,,,,, template
  • Updated:,, template

9.12.11April 26, 2021

  • Fixed: streams drag and drop didn't work properly with forced streams
  • Fixed: timeout errors inside local landings wasn't handled
  • Added: Darkleads template
  • Added: Tacoloco template
  • Added: Pepper partners template
  • Updated: template

9.12.10April 13, 2021

  • Fixed: added validations for renaming landing folder
  • Fixed: streams drag and drop didn't work properly
  • Fixed: empty stream filter led to error
  • Fixed: updated week metrics view

9.12.9April 05, 2021

  • Feature: KClient PHP can now disable session cookies
  • Fixed: restored Click API v1 compatibility
  • Fixed: uniqueness session redis records had too high ttl
New: Affiliate Dragons template
  • Updated: Affiliate Dragons, Rich Ads Push template

9.12.8March 25, 2021

  • Bugfix: landing folder renaming leads to error "index not found"
  • Bugfix: binding landing or offer works even if it is set to bind streams only
  • Bugfix: binding doesn't work, when binded landing or offer has 0% share
  • Bugfix: double meta redirect shows 404 error
  • Bugfix: stream order doesn't preserves during copying to other campaign
  • Bugfix: stream dragging icon disappears
  • Bugfix: KClient PHP method getOffer doesn't work for only offer campaign
  • Bugfix: warning for country filter when it has empty set of countries
  • New: template

9.12.6March 18, 2021

  • Fixed: users have access to clear stats via Admin API
  • Fixed: WordPress integration code is created with invalid address
  • Added: template
  • Updated:, TrafficLight template

9.12.5March 15, 2021

  • New: Geo DataBase available as ISP source 10, 2021

  • Updated: AppsFlyer integration made mark as depricated. Use postbacks instead.
  • Updated: new blank referrer redirect
  • Added: new templates RichPush, Adxad
  • Added: new macros {visitor_code}
  • Fixed: changing landing page directory
  • Fixed: black/white buttons are invisible
  • Fixed: stream cloning

9.12.4February 18, 2021

  • New: when user don't have access to a specific resource, he/she will see specific message
  • Fixed: currency conversation parameter for conversion_revenue, conversion_cost, conversion_profit, revenue, cost, profit macros
  • Fixed: unchecking of streams after performing action on them
  • Fixed: restored compatibility with the previous version of kclient php
  • Fixed: allow downloading offers when a user has access only to offers
  • Fixed: ui hangs when uploading landing with php scripts and php not allowed
  • Added: template
  • Updated: click2money template
  • Updated: m1-shop template

9.12.3February 10, 2021

  • Improved: search streams by substring
  • Fixed: clear selected streams on campaign change
  • Fixed: streams import
  • Fixed: removed log message for disabling uniqueness checking in case draft storage selected as files
  • Added: Facebook browser to stream filters

9.12.2February 03, 2021

  • Fixed: redirects http to https for domains
  • Fixed: empty limits for stream filter description
Fixed: do not zero weight when cloning streams
  • Added: Admin API end point for stream filters
  • Added: template
  • Added: template
  • Added: template
  • Added: template 27, 2021

  • Fixed: stream shares for split test set to zero 26, 2021

  • Improved: displaying shares for streams split test
  • Improved: send incoming parameters to IMKLO
  • Fixed: streams recalculation issue
  • Fixed: clicks count on edit campaign page
  • Fixed: add parameters to offer
  • Fixed: displaying empty filter for stream
  • Fixed: displaying stats for today for affiliated networks
  • Added: network template
  • Updated: neogara network template
  • Updated: template
  • Updated: template

9.12.1January 19, 2021

  • Added: disable cookies in tracker (GDPR mode)
  • Added: support of geo dbs from
  • Added: macro {x_requested_with}
  • Added: templates of neogara,
  • Improved: setting shares of streams
  • Improved: check domains for activity and presence of SSL
  • Changed: (Admin API) renamed attributes of domains redirect -> ssl_redirect, is_robots_allowed -> allow_indexing
  • Changed: KClient request tracker by /api/v3/ instead of api.php
  • Fixed: domain added via API wasn't checked for SSL
  • Fixed: editing of custom bots list before it finish loading, clears list
  • Fixed: no country Cambodia in Country filter
  • Fixed: user loses permissions for editing on created campaigns
  • Fixed: landing archive download failed

9.11.5November 19, 2020

  • Fixed: preview for local landings
  • Fixed: UI bug for monitoring update
  • Fixed: macro for clicks with no stream
  • Fixed: UI for update license window
  • Improved: passing get parameters to IMKLO integration
  • Improved: do not set parameter default value if it looks like macro
  • Improved: added option to filter VPN for HideClick integration
  • Added: network template
  • Added: network template 11, 2020

  • Fixed: KClient PHP invalid url for static

9.11.4November 10, 2020

  • Fixed: displaying context for some log records
  • Fixed: folder with landing renames if it is renamed in UI
  • Fixed: deprecation warnings
  • Improved: for parameter filter added info to traffic log which parameter influenced filter

9.11.3November 05, 2020

  • Fixed: determined correct ip address when using CloudFlare and KClient PHP
  • Fixed: selecting network template for offer and action send to another campaign
  • Fixed: UI for disabled buttons
  • Fixed: UI error when cloning
  • Fixed: UI for adding filters
  • Fixed: UI during admin page login
  • Fixed: UI of modal dialog header
  • Improved: large amount of domains to issue https certificates
  • Improved: increased timeouts for https certificates issuing
  • Updated: including subdomains option marked deprecated
  • Added: Easylab template
  • Updated: Invictusmedia template

9.11.2October 15, 2020

  • Fixed: black white list markers coloring
  • Updated: Admin API enable/disable stream now return final stream data
  • Updated: AngryLeads template

9.11.1October 08, 2020

  • Fixed: domain is checked even if it hasn't got a certificate
  • Fixed: too long landing/offer folder name after multiple cloning
  • Fixed: error in log GlobIterator::__construct(): open_basedir restriction in effect
  • Fixed: added possibility to edit name of non active domain
Added: 1Win template
  • Added: Adsterra template
  • Added: Angryleads template
  • Added: template
  • Added: Click2money template
  • Added: template
  • Updated: Adcombo template
  • Updated: Clicklead template
  • Updated: Clickadu template
  • Updated: Traffic Light template
  • Updated: Ungads template

9.10.11September 22, 2020

  • Fixed: https redirect with CloudFlare flexible ssl
  • Fixed: IMKLO integration error
  • Added: Philippines language to language filter
  • Added: OfferLeader template
  • Updated: AdCombo template

9.10.10September 17, 2020

  • Added setting "Redirect to https" for domains
  • Added checkboxes to recheck multiple domains at once
  • Removed switch "HTTP" in domains. Tracker set it automatically if domain has valid SSL certificate
  • Changed field Weight to Share in streams table
  • Fixed: An issue in global parameter aliases
  • Fixed: A bug in AppsFlyer integration
  • Added: template
  • Updated: Clickadu template

9.10.9September 09, 2020

  • Added: instructions for HideClick integration
  • Added: Natifico template
  • Added: template
  • Added: Rollerads template
  • Update: Clickadu template
  • Removed: php fpm info from status window

9.10.8September 02, 2020

  • New feature: HideClick filter
  • Improved: custom filter creation
  • Improved: offer validation during creation from Admin API
  • Improved: profit confirmed approved column renamed

9.10.7August 18, 2020

  • Added: New endpoint `/admin_api/v1/clicks/update_costs` to distrubute costs between several campaigns.
  • Added: new templates gamesport.partner,
  • Fixed: uploading new LP doesn't the delete old LP files
  • Fixed: column Parameters empty in HTML/CSV exported reports 12, 2020

  • Fixed: allow KClient JS inside iframe

9.10.6August 12, 2020

  • Updated: remove outdated html integration link
  • Updated: Traffic Light renamed to TrafficLight
  • Updated: added subid into S2S log
  • Updated: Leadreaktor template
  • Added: template

9.10.5August 03, 2020

  • Improved: UI for selecting elements from list
  • Improved: added possibility of typing text for stream filters on connection type and device type
  • Fixed: country select in stream filters
  • Fixed: show generic PHP errors in UI
  • Updated: limited lp token ttl setting to 1 month
  • Added: template
  • Added: template
  • Updated: Aivix template

9.10.4July 23, 2020

  • Added: ability to select an empty value in OS, ISP, language report filters.
  • Removed: XHTML settings for js integration
  • Updated: Clicklead template
  • Updated: template
  • Updated: Leadrock template
  • Added: Papadrop template

9.10.3July 13, 2020

  • Оptimized importing costs from Facebook
  • Updated: Adcombo template
  • Updated: template
  • Added: template

9.10.2June 29, 2020

  • Fixed: errors building some reports
  • Fixed: error when running cli command with empty cache
  • Added: template
  • Added: template ungads 23, 2020

  • Fixed: errors when building reports 22, 2020

  • Improved: Facebook cost update optimization

9.10.1June 18, 2020

  • New: the ability to add ssl certificates in the interface (required server configuration 2.12)
  • New: multiple Facebook integrations for a single campaign
  • New: synchronization frequency setup for Facebook integration
  • New: FB integration clone button
  • New: campaign selection inside Facebook integration
  • New: user agent configuration for the proxy inside Facebook integration
  • Fixed: Facebook integration editing leads to a status reset
  • Fixed: processing invalid json for IMKLO servers
  • Fixed: domain status changes during the domain update domain via Admin API
  • Fixed: KClient JS problem for a landing page with preload action
  • Fixed: resetting the date in the dashboard does not metrics
  • Added: template
  • Updated: template
  • Updated: template

9.9.7June 03, 2020

  • Feature: added webhook support for triggers
  • Fixed: users with read only permissions don't have modify controls
  • Fixed: changing traffic source name drops selected paramters
  • Updated: KMA template 27, 2020

  • Fixed: correct {offer} macro scheme

9.9.6May 26, 2020

  • Fixed: wrong encoding for show text action
  • Fixed: loading campaign logs
  • Fixed: PopCash traffic source template
  • Improved: UI for OS Filter version
  • Removed jid from logs

9.9.5May 19, 2020

  • Warning! Removed legacy links format. Removed settings "Links format".
  • Fixed: error 'ServerRequest body must be an instance of LazyOpenStream, but got Nyholm\Psr7\Stream'
  • Fixed: error in stream monitoring
  • Fixed: tracker update doesn't change the version
  • Fixed: added access to campaign log to users
  • Fixed: outdated templates for m1, Leadbit, KMA, CPAgetti
  • Fixed: Admin API entrypoint for logs
  • Fixed: campaign parameters doesn't update if traffic source not set
  • Fixed: KClient PHP in some cases return "Unknown error"
  • Fixed: KClient JS doesn't handle uniqueness cookies
  • Fixed: error "pageContext must contain Stream: #0"
  • Fixed: changing time interval in reports doesn't update report
  • Fixed: bot list editing
  • Restricted uploading of landings with windows-1251 encoding
  • Increased timeout for domains check to 7 seconds
  • New template for Clickadilla

9.9.3April 28, 2020

  • KClickClient renamed to KClient
  • Disabled ssl checks for KClient PHP
  • Fixed roadrunner rpc call issues
  • Mime type for "Show text" action changed to text/plain
  • Removed setting Avoid using MySQL
  • Allow removing geo database for city:ru
  • Fixed logging for remote redirect
  • Allow delete admin with id 1
  • Fixed unselecting domain for campaign
  • Added trafficsource template for LuckyAds
  • Added network template for HugeOffers
  • Added network template for Perestroika team 25, 2020

  • Added: new button "Restart" on Maintenance - Status.
  • Fixed: warning "rpc method call mismatch" occurs after every update 23, 2020

  • Fixed: incorrect http status in some redirects 22, 2020

  • Fixed showing URL for offers on front end

9.9.2April 22, 2020

  • Added: select all on page Domains
  • Added: detailed logs on page Received Postbacks
  • Added: compatibility with PHP 7.4
  • Added: Help menu for users
  • Fixed: issue with streams if one of them contains incorrect action_payload
  • Fixed: issue in switching schema for stream
  • Fixed: hardcoded 302 status can't be removed in custom redirects 15, 2020

  • Fixed: access issue to domains for users

9.9.1April 14, 2020

  • New: better LP editor
  • New: page Domains is available now in basic editions, but it limited to 1 domain
  • Fixed: empty HTTP_HOST in landing page code
  • Fixed: LP token expires earlier that it should do
  • Fixed: error "Unknown column 't_clicks.label' in 'field list'"
  • Fixed: ISP filter sometimes does not matches the clicks
  • Fixed: KClient JS does not perform redirects to offers
  • New templates Adsselerator, TikTok 07, 2020

  • Fixed: KClient JS doesn't perform HTTP-Redirect

9.9April 06, 2020

  • Added brand new type of integration KClient JS
  • Click client renamed to KClient PHP
  • Values from "Token or Value" column treated as static parameters and assigned to paramter if parameter is not set
  • Added confirmation request for deleting streams in stream search
  • Fixed bug for imklo integration
  • Removed message incorrect token for click api v3 integration
  • Added labels for basic/pro versions
  • Updated Keitaro traffic source template
  • Added spinner for local offer uploading

9.8.4March 24, 2020

  • Fixed: long reading of click_links table
  • Fixed: additional bots ip list bug
  • Fixed: saving bot's attributes in the stats
  • Fixed: incorrect macros parsing in a js code
  • Fixed: connection type "Unknown" mistakenly added to reports
  • Fixed: marks icons disappear
  • Fixed: all checks are blocked if one of the integrations is with the error
  • Added templates of Netopartners and Actionpay

9.8.3March 16, 2020

  • Fixed: deletes all labels in BL/WL when opting in "Use commas as separator"
  • Fixed: Users can't get access to Admin API docs

9.8.2March 10, 2020

  • Fixed profitability indicator
  • Fixed passing language to country_code macro
  • Fixed traffic logging for tracking script
  • Fixed UI for update costs on mobile
  • Fixed UI for selecting affiliate networks in offers
  • Added AddOperator traffic source template

9.8.1February 26, 2020

  • Fixed header(Location: ...) redirect in local landings/offers
  • Fixed equalize offer share for disabled offers
  • Removed geo detection from CloudFlare headers
  • Fixed redirecting to deleted stream binded to visitor
  • Improved facebook integration
  • Added Cpaikon affifate network template
  • Added traffic source template
  • Updated PropellerAds traffic source template
  • Updated ByMyAds traffic source template
  • Updated PlugRush traffic source template

9.8February 12, 2020

  • Improved performance of old data removing
  • Added search in code during local landings/offers editing
  • Moved AppsFlyer settings to Integrations section
  • Added errors decoding for response from IMKLO

9.7.2February 04, 2020

  • Added logging of connection type to traffic log
  • Improved display of landers long filenames
  • Fixed already modified highlight for just opened landers
  • Fixed landers downloading cache issue
  • Updated list of devices to detect
  • Added Evadav traffic source template
  • Added Amileads affiliate network template
  • Updated 22bet affiliate network template

9.7.1January 28, 2020

  • Fixed setting offer group permissions
  • Added access to users for integrations
  • Updated AlterCPA template
  • Added GlobalNetwork template 22, 2020

  • Added local landings editor
  • Added local landings downloader
  • Extended Admin API for local landings downloading and editing
  • Improved Facebook integration
  • Extended Admin API for managing integrations
  • Update new tables to TokuDB if clicks table already updated
  • Fixed day of week in schedule filter description
  • Ignore case for values in filters
  • Updated WordPress integration template
  • Added template
  • Added Offerrum template
  • Added Bymyads template
  • Added Invictus Media template
  • Updated Propeller Ads template
  • Updated BodyClick template
  • Added template Richpops 22, 2020

  • Added local landings editor
  • Added local landings downloader
  • Extended Admin API for local landings downloading and editing
  • Improved Facebook integration
  • Extended Admin API for managing integrations
  • Update new tables to TokuDB if clicks table already updated
  • Fixed day of week in schedule filter description
  • Ignore case for values in filters
  • Updated WordPress integration template
  • Added template
  • Added Offerrum template
  • Added Bymyads template
  • Added Invictus Media template
  • Updated Propeller Ads template
  • Updated BodyClick template
  • Added template Richpops

9.6.7December 26, 2019

  • Added: supporting Socks proxy in FB integration
  • Fixed: integrations are not available in trial editions
  • Fixed: settings for WP plugin contains broken URLs
  • Fixed: issue 'The brand with name AIS should be listed in the DeviceBrands'
  • Fixed: issue with finding the cabinet in FB Integration feature
  • Added: templates Alfa affiliates, 18, 2019

  • Improved integration with Facebook for costs import

9.6.6December 17, 2019

  • Added integration with Facebook (auto import of costs)
  • Updated Facebook traffic source template
  • Added permissions management to Admin API
  • Do not process update click commands if click not found after 3 retries

9.6.5December 10, 2019

  • Added: new actions to manage users over Admin API
  • Added: validating field 'state' when updating campaign
  • Fixed: SERVER_NAME contains an incorrect value 06, 2019

  • Fixed traffic processing during sending s2s postback with macros for campaign without stream 03, 2019

  • Fixed: fixed another issue with real ip

9.6.4December 03, 2019

  • Added: upgraded the code uniqueization in Script/JS integration
  • Fixed: when updating landing page parameters, only some of them are updated
  • Fixed: campaign is edited right after opening it
  • Fixed: incorrect path to exported reports
  • Fixed: incorrect indication of a Limit filter
  • Fixed: double coding of a symbol % in offer parameters
  • Fixed: stats cleaning drops if incorrect date is used in Admin API
  • Fixed: incorrect ip detection if CloudFlare or Google Proxy is used
  • Fixed: errors in a System log after the tracker installation
  • Added: Riddick Guru, Nutra Media templates 26, 2019

  • Fixed: file kclick_client.php downloads as encoded text 26, 2019

  • Fixed: incorrect IP in case using both Click API and Cloudflare

9.6.3November 26, 2019

  • Added notifications about expiring license
  • Fixed: file klick_client.php is empty
  • Fixed: bot IP list works with large delay
  • Fixed: subids ends withs 0000
  • Fixed: window with users' API keys can't be closed 22, 2019

  • Reverted changes with FORCE INDEX
  • Fixed: incorrect visitor's IP in specific cases

9.6.2November 20, 2019

  • New: automatic file cache clearing (after the configuration upgrade)
  • New: built-in interactive Admin API documentation
  • New: multistream cron
  • New: page Maintenance - Integrations
  • Fixed: incorrect "Approve %" column sorting
  • Fixed: scripts on a landing page do not get a real REMOTE_ADDR
  • Fixed: cloned stream can't be edited
  • Fixed: $rawClick is not available from a landing page environment
  • Fixed: all report requests go with a FORCE INDEX
  • Deleted experimental feature conversion overcap
  • Templates added:, Bymyads, pdl-profit
  • Templates updated: 06, 2019

  • Fixed: custom filters are not visible in the filter dropdown 06, 2019

  • Added: additional validation for values on user's bot list
  • Fixed: filters are not updating to show relevant values
  • Fixed: counters in streams table are not updating after changing the date range
  • Fixed: issue with cookies and sessions in local landing pages

9.6.1October 25, 2019

  • Fixed: issue with saving clicks in action "Send to Campaign"
  • Fixed: incorrect RAM value
  • Added: templates Lemons.Biz,,,, 18, 2019

  • Fixed: no values for the filter by Operation Systems 15, 2019

  • Fixed notes in campaign comments 14, 2019

  • Fixed notes for Campaigns 09, 2019

  • Fixed disable campaign
  • Fixed domain notes
  • Fixed schedule filter 07, 2019

  • Fixed restart RR during update from 9.5 to 9.6
  • Fixed show click details in reports
  • Fixed Total row in custom reports
  • Fixed checkbox selectiion in streams table
  • Disabled logging Notices and Warnings by default

9.6October 02, 2019

  • Optimized campaign page for showing a large number of streams
  • New sandbox to run local landing pages
  • Fixed: incorrect values in page Affiliate Networks 05, 2019

  • Contains fixes from 22, 2019

  • Contains fixes from v9.4.9.19 and v9.4.9.20 14, 2019

  • Fixed: Field "Bind visitors" isn't visible in the campaign form
  • Fixed: Filter field "Campaign status" doesn't show all the options 12, 2019

  • Fixed: filter by date is not visible 12, 2019

  • Fixed: error 402 when requestion Admin API
  • Fixed: the filter by campaign state is not visible
  • Fixed: Click Client doesn't show errors if there's an issue with connecting to tracker 30, 2019

  • Fixed: IP & Signature lists don't show counts
  • Fixed: shows blank page after updating 29, 2019

  • Fixed: button BL/WL is not clickable
  • Fixed: tab "S2S Postbacks" is not shown 25, 2019

  • Fixed: empty field Countries in offer form
  • Fixed: Click API sends 'content-type: json' on action 'Do Nothing'

9.5July 24, 2019

  • Added: error descriptions on page Domains
  • Fixed: '$scope must be an ID'
  • Fixed: Shows 0 in some records on page Campaigns
  • Fixed: compatibility issues in local LPs with "@", echo() and include()
  • Added templates: admaven, gagarin partners, profitpay 08, 2019

  • Added: support for exit() and die() in local LPs 04, 2019

  • FIxed: when receiving incorrect headers, tracker shows "worker error: EOF" 02, 2019

  • Fixed: Issues with HTML landing pages 02, 2019

  • Fixed several compatibility issues with local LPs

9.4.11June 28, 2019

  • Fixed: Sandboxed code attempted to call invalid magic constant: __FILE__
  • Fixed: An error "CACHE: no key 'S_O_...'" after removing the offer from a stream
  • Fixed: A warning "illegal string offset 'param'"
  • Fixed: "Too many connections" when RoadRunner is enabled
  • Fixed: Notes contain '0' after saving a landing page

9.4.10June 27, 2019

  • Better support for PHP 7.3
  • Better compatibility with uploaded LPs 25, 2019

  • Fixed: Users get error 'Access denied' on pages Offers, Landing Pages
  • Fixed: Error 'Duplicate entry' in migrations
  • Fixed: Error 'This value has already used' in cron
  • Fixed: Error 'Must contain less than 50 characters' whtn trying to save a report
  • Fixed: Errors from DB aren't logged in RR mode
  • Fixed: Error 'DB is disabled' when using filter 'Limit' and option 'Avoid using MySQL' is on
  • Fixed: Error 'Failed to chmod file' occures after Keitaro is updated
  • Removed 'Off' from available options in 'Cache Storage' 03, 2019

  • Added: New template for
  • Added: A warning when PHP version is deprecated.
  • Added: Validation for "Uniqueness period"
  • Fixed: Replacing dots to minuses in parameter name
  • Fixed: Cost ignores if it comes from custom parameter
  • Fixed: Empty rows in "Access Rules"
  • Fixed: Sessions aren't closed after changing user password
  • Fixed: No rights to edit cloned campaigns
  • Fixed: Fixed "Campaign #X not found" when trying to use the filter by streams
  • Fixed: Traffic log remains working after disabling it in RR mode
  • Fixed: Offers page shows old values after modifying
  • Fixed: cost ignores if 'Cost' param is not filled in campaign 03, 2019

  • Added: New template for
  • Added: A warning when PHP version is deprecated.
  • Added: Validation for "Uniqueness period"
  • Fixed: Replacing dots to minuses in parameter name
  • Fixed: Cost ignores if it comes from custom parameter
  • Fixed: Empty rows in "Access Rules"
  • Fixed: Sessions aren't closed after changing user password
  • Fixed: No rights to edit cloned campaigns
  • Fixed: Fixed "Campaign #X not found" when trying to use the filter by streams
  • Fixed: Traffic log remains working after disabling it in RR mode
  • Fixed: Offers page shows old values after modifying 22, 2019

  • Fixed: Error in RR mode "Unable to connect to worker" 21, 2019

  • Fixed: Error "Redis::setex() expects parameter 2 to be integer"
  • Fixed: Cannot disable any geodb
  • Fixed: Error "Controller action “denyAction” is not defined"
  • Fixed: Domain contains error message despite it's active 14, 2019

  • Fixed: Direction now has a more detailed description of "Show HTML/Text" actions
  • Fixed: Tracking script now works with disabled MySQL
  • Fixed: The validity of a token is taken from settings
  • Fixed: Status page now has server information
  • Fixed: Cron "Error decoring ..." error
  • Fixed an error when a deleted campaign is chosen as a default camapaign
  • Removed Click Client v2 and Click API v2 from a campaign Intergation list (API v1 and v2 are still supported)
  • Updated, templates 30, 2019

  • Changed message texts in logs 29, 2019

  • Fixed: duplicate slash in LP URLs
  • Fixed: outdated template
  • Templates,
  • Fixed some other minor issues 08, 2019

  • Fixed: sometimes postback are merged when tracker works on RoadRunner
  • Added: "Click Client" option as offer link code 04, 2019

  • FIxed: when receiving incorrect headers, tracker shows "worker error: EOF" 02, 2019

  • Fixed: updates cause error "Operation timed out after 5000 milliseconds" 02, 2019

  • Fixed: always shows loading screen after creating a campaign
  • Fixed: baseHref contains an incorrect path 01, 2019

  • Fixed: outdated template
  • Fixed several other issues 24, 2019

  • Increased system update timeout 24, 2019

  • Fixed: button Save must be active after changing S2S postback
  • Fixed: filter Referer must search in the non-restrictive mode
  • Fixed: reuploading archive for LP is not replacing files
  • Fixed: Cyrillic domains don't work after edit 20, 2019

  • Fixed: campaign menu shows outside the visible zonee
  • Fixed: update process shows sometimes a Timeout error 17, 2019

  • Fixed save button activation on enable/disable campaign
  • Improved local landings upload
  • Improved errors handling in kclick_client
  • Fixed geo detection based on several databases
  • Improved old stats cleaning
  • Added cli command system:delete_all_stats for cleaning up all statistics in database
  • Added timezone setup in case it is not set in php settings
  • Improved Pull API
  • Added template
  • Updated template 28, 2019

  • Strict landing pages validation process
  • Fixed logo in a mobile version
  • Fixed cron freeze because of outdated domains
  • Fixed offer folders duplicates when there is a landing page with the same folder name
  • Fixed the compatibility with custom redirects
  • Fixed sample macros usage
  • Fixed the db connection closure in RoadRunner
  • The streams are loaded quicker on a campaign’s page 23, 2019

  • Fixed: offer links don't use https when SSL is provided by cloudflare 22, 2019

  • Fixed domain serialization 22, 2019

  • Added template
  • Minor fixes 22, 2019

  • Fixed: incorrect domain in the link when copying on page Campaigns
  • Fixed: after changing source campaign parameters aren't changed
  • Fixed: 'Saved at' on campaign page remains unchanged

9.4.9May 15, 2019

  • Added "Content-Type: application/json" to Admin API responses
  • Do not add 'Copy of ' to the streams when cloning campaigns
  • Fixed sorting in reports when there's values over 1000
  • KClickClient: fixed processing action "404 Not Found"
  • Allow to use globals $_GET, $_POST, $_COOKIE in landing pages, fitlers, actions macros (RR mode)
  • Convert old user filters to the new format
  • Rename system:optimize_table to system:optimize_db
  • Fixed some other minor issues 08, 2019

  • Fixed issue with postbacks 08, 2019

  • Fixed issue "Unknown column sub_id_11_id" 08, 2019

  • Fixed issue with 'x_requested_with_id' 07, 2019

  • Fixed misspelling in data.sql 07, 2019

  • Fixed "Uncaught TypeError: Argument 3 passed to Core\Kernel\Kernel" 06, 2019

  • Fixed 'No storage name files'
  • Fixed error 'Subid not found' occurred when params are updated ofter 06, 2019

  • Fixed column sub id 11..15 in conversions
  • Added reloading RR on new LP or offer is uploaded
  • Included all fixed from version 24, 2019

  • Fixed: No storage name db 23, 2019

  • Fixed proxy checking on RoadRunner 22, 2019

  • Fixed 'No column 'x_requested_with_id'' 17, 2019

  • Fixed: issue with proxy on RR mode 17, 2019

  • Fixed 'Double meta-redirect'
  • Fixed several minor issues 16, 2019

  • Fixed: no field 'prefererences'
  • Fixed: incorrectly checking visitor's language in RoadRunner mode 10, 2019

  • Fixed disabling steams using Admin API 10, 2019

  • Added optional opt-in to subscribe on beta releases 10, 2019

  • Fixed "No field 'contains_tid_param' in Traffic\Model\Offer" 09, 2019

  • Fixed: No field 'url_desc' in Traffic\Model\Offer 08, 2019

  • Fixed: cron status isn't updated 06, 2019

  • Added template
  • Landing pages and offers are sorted by ID
  • Replaced option Sankt-Peterburg to Saint Petersburg
  • Fixed issue with stuck processes of RR
  • Fixed issue with the column 'Week' 24, 2019

  • Fixed: Incorrect IP on several servers configurations 23, 2019

  • Fixed proxy checking with RoadRunner 22, 2019

  • Updated the tracking script (ktr.js)
  • Added URL checking in curl redirects 17, 2019

  • Minor fixes 17, 2019

  • Fixed: Several issues when using RoadRunner engine
  • FIxed: Fatal error when using Pull API
  • Several minor fixes 02, 2019

  • Fixed: all IPs (roadrunner)
  • Fixed: incorrectly checking for http/https (roadrunner)
  • Fixed: the traffic always empty (roadrunner)
  • Fixed: new license key can't be saved
  • Fixed: user can't edit domains with specific permissions
  • Fixed several issues with UI 29, 2019

  • Fixed: offer window is shown twice

9.4.6March 21, 2019

  • Make campaign form save button active on s2s postback edit
  • Separated keys for ip2locaiton PX2 and DB4 19, 2019

  • Fixed updating of payed Sypex Databases

9.4.5March 18, 2019

  • Added support for intervals in user bot list (e.g.
  • Fixed update of paid Sypex DB
  • Added cli command for MySQL table optimization
  • Increased sources max value to 255 symbols
  • Added affiliate network template
  • Added traffic source template

9.4.4February 28, 2019

  • Fixed {city:ru} macro
  • Fixed api key deletion
  • Fixed skip saving landing-offer transition with exit=1
  • Fix monitoring for upper case urls
  • Fixed hongkong flag icon
  • Added template
  • kclick_client is compatible with php 5.3 12, 2019

  • Fixed: KClickClient incompatible with PHP 5.4
  • Fixed: Admin API shows incorrect router if the URL contains a prefix 06, 2019

  • Fixed: the Bl/WL window contains outdated labels
  • Fixed: Setting 'AvScan Key' always hidden
  • Fixed: macro {device_type} returns incorrect values

9.4.3February 04, 2019

  • Fixed: preload action is not compatible with redirects
  • Updated template cpamatica
  • Fixed: error 'sypex_full download error' when updating dbs
  • Fixed: setting 0% share to landing remain enabled

9.4.2January 31, 2019

  • Add templates
  • Fixed: issues with monitoring feature
  • Fixed: landing/offer can't be created if error occured while creating a preview
  • Fixed: New offer doesn't inherit settings with 'Add more' feature
  • Fixed: Macro {traffic_source_name} cause error if campaign doesn't have source 29, 2019

  • Fixed loading data from the cache 29, 2019

  • Fixed issue with sorting campaigns in the sidebar
  • Fixed a critical issue 28, 2019

  • Add additional cache integrity check 28, 2019

  • Fixed sidebar button in mobile UI
  • Fixe restoring aff. networks from archive 27, 2019

  • Fixed several UI bugs 26, 2019

  • Fixed issue with Maxmind Connection Types
  • Fixed issue with access to traffic sources
  • Fixed issue with redis in cron 26, 2019

  • Fixed: issues with databases Maxmind and Sypex

9.4.1January 25, 2019

  • Updated self-upgrade feature
  • Added self-checking page
  • Fixed parsing post data for Admin API 25, 2019

  • Fixed curl redirect when it catch 404
  • Some other fixes 25, 2019

  • Fixed lp-offer links that depend on cookies 24, 2019

  • Fixed several critical issues

9.3.29January 14, 2019

  • Fixed zeroing click costs during import conversions
  • Updated template
  • Updated template 27, 2018

  • Fixed: visitors binding continues to work after switching off split-test 26, 2018

  • Fixed auth in Redis 25, 2018

  • Fixed reloading setting for s2s postback timeout

9.3.28December 25, 2018

  • Fixed local landings href substitution
  • Added template
  • Added timeout parameter in settings for s2s postback
  • Fixed macros for conversion parameters 19, 2018

  • Fixed running cron from root 13, 2018

  • Fixed traffic processing for clicks without streams

9.3.26November 29, 2018

  • Added шаблон для
  • Fixed: fix disk_total_space() has been disabled for security reasons
  • Fixed issue with anchors on local LPs 26, 2018

  • Fixed: some LPs cannot be uploaded
  • Added template for 23, 2018

  • Added 'total space' on page Status
  • Fixed: BL/WL filtering is not working with IPs
  • Updated template

9.3.25November 22, 2018

  • Updated list of mobile operators
  • Fixed: cloning LP duplicates folder incorrectly
  • Fixed: report is not resized after orientation changed on a tablet device
  • Fixed: Offer can be saved if 'Add more' is used
  • Notification about lack of free space shows when there’s less than 10% of total space available 20, 2018

  • Fixed local landing upload 17, 2018

  • Fixed issue with uploading LPs
  • FIxed issue with links in local LPs 15, 2018

  • Fixed issue with column Profitability
  • Fixed issue on saving domains

9.3.23November 07, 2018

  • Fixed an issue that is occurred in CURL redirect and local landers
  • Fixed formats in columns 'Date and Hour' and 'Month'
  • Fixed 'is_readable(): open_basedir restriction in effect.'
  • Fixed 'mb_strpos(): Empty delimeter''
  • Macro {random} can be used with any amount of params 01, 2018

  • Fixed: Campaign is always 'Unsaved'

9.3.21October 18, 2018

  • Fixed validating regexps in filter values
  • Fixed issue that occurred in bcmath
  • Fix bug when last row in report is not visible
  • Added campaign name to update costs window and reports Clicks/Conversions
  • Fixed resetting domain settings that it's not parked yet
  • Stat values in Streams table are now clickable
  • Creates a log entry after tracker is updated
  • Added templates m4leads and Ryumka

9.3.20October 15, 2018

  • Added redis authorization possibility. Specify <password>@<host>:<port>/<database> (for example password@ sha256 hash supported

9.3.19October 12, 2018

  • Fixed domains bug for large list of domains
  • Fixed bug in cache
  • Added SellAction template 04, 2018

  • Fixed status page 03, 2018

  • Fixed status page
  • Fixed charts on dashboard when using slave db

9.3.18October 03, 2018

  • Added favicon for admin panel
  • Fixed isp filter for ip2location isp databases
  • Added CPU Load and PHP-FPM status on page 'Status'
  • Switched data transferring in kclick_client from GET to POST
  • Added template
  • Added template

9.3.17September 28, 2018

  • Fixed restore streams from archive
  • Fixed "Catch 404" for domains
  • In case of incorrect regexp added logging of invalid expression
  • Fixed user access for conversion stream filter
  • Fixed user access to streams based on Stream resource
  • Updated default width for datetime fields in report
  • Added php based replacements in case of unavailable bcmath extension
  • Added Advendor template
  • Updated Rocketprofit template
  • Updated Monsterleads template

9.3.16September 19, 2018

  • Fixed code presets for async script and js advertisement
  • Added possibility for sending js postback from Google tag manager without subid
  • Fixed mobile UI for modal dialogs
  • Added LetsCPA template 13, 2018

  • Update internal dictionaries 24, 2018

  • Fixed CPM cost model 24, 2018

  • Fixed issue with landing pages that contains non-UTF8 chars 22, 2018

  • Fixed clean statistics 22, 2018

  • Fixed issue with old KLickClient and http redirects

9.3.13August 14, 2018

  • Added iherb template
  • Added Adtrafico template
  • Fixed Monsterleads template
  • Fixed Dr Cash template
  • Fixed Megapush template
  • During local landing clone underlying landing also duplicates 02, 2018

  • Fixed issue with x_requested_with_id
  • Fixed updating labels through Admin API
  • Fixed cost values from megapush

9.3.11July 23, 2018

  • Fixed: Ktracking doesn't work with legacy URL format

9.3.10July 23, 2018

  • Added new macro conversion_cost, conversion_revenue, conversion_profit
  • Enhanced UI error handling 12, 2018

  • Fixed domains in case of binding to deleted campaign
  • Fixed conversion description
  • Updated captions for revenue fields 22, 2018

  • Fixed Click API for business editions

9.3.8June 19, 2018

  • Added templates for,
  • Enabled forceOfferRedirect by default in KClickClient.
  • Fixed minor issues

9.3.7June 05, 2018

  • Changed source for currency conversion
  • Fixed bug with country detection for Sypex geo base

9.3.6May 31, 2018

  • Updated template clickadu
  • Fixed several minor issues

9.3.5May 28, 2018

  • Added condition 'contains' for monitoring tasks
  • Added checking prefetch in KClickClient
  • Added template 'Keitaro' as traffic source and affiliate network
  • Rewritten feature import/export streams
  • Clicks that made on landing page with empty '_token' runs default campaign from that domain
  • Fixed: the action buttons in search results don't work
  • Fixed: pressing Back on campaign reports opens campaign list instead of the campaign page
  • Fixed: filtering by ROI shows error 16, 2018

  • Fix empty postback key

9.3.4May 14, 2018

  • Added postback_key to config.ini.php
  • Fixed UI of connection types filter
  • Fixed region filter

9.3.3April 30, 2018

  • Added option "Catch 404" for domains
  • Improved Click Client for transmitting PDFs
  • Fixed an issue with CPS cost model

9.3.2April 23, 2018

  • Added: reset user sessions after admin changed his password
  • Added: compatibility with non-ASCII domains
  • Added: checking https/http for tracking script to prevent errors
  • Fixed: local landing page doesn't load styles and images if requested through Click API 16, 2018

  • Fixed some issues with appsflyer synchronization 13, 2018

  • Fixed sidebar 06, 2018

  • Added cache disable headers for campaign urls 05, 2018

  • Fixed LP CTR column 05, 2018

  • Fixed LP Click column
  • Added stream filter for X-Requested-With 05, 2018

  • Fixed LP CTR column

9.3April 04, 2018

  • Integrated AppsFlyer
  • Added collecting X-Requested-With header
  • Added template for
  • Fixed LP CTR
  • Added reports "Affiliate networks" and "Sources" for campaigns
  • Various small fixes 26, 2018

  • Improved speed of campaign saving
  • Added template for
  • Fixed several minor issues 21, 2018

  • Fixed issue in Admin API for /conversions/log 20, 2018

  • Fixed a bug in uploading local landing pages 18, 2018

  • Fixed: users with permissions "for selected campaigns" can't edit their campaigns

9.2.2March 17, 2018

  • Added Log button for campaign pages
  • Added filters for Traffic log 14, 2018

  • Fixed an issue with bot list 14, 2018

  • Fixed: issue in traffic source parameters
  • Fixed: error "Resource not found" on a campaign page 14, 2018

  • Fixed: bug in sorting groups in the sidebar
  • Fixed: bug in campaign parameters
  • Fixed: bug in macros that uses parameter names
  • Fixed: IPs duplicates in user's bot list 13, 2018

  • Fixed: bug in uniqueness filter when selected 'for campaign'
  • Fixed: custom redirects and actions without names
  • Fixed: an issue with loading external resources in local landing pages 12, 2018

  • Fixed: issues with click log and conversion log

9.2March 12, 2018

  • Added: campagin settings panels can be removed
  • Added: button 'Clone' for streams
  • Added: new feature 'Campaign Autorsave' in Settings
  • Added: range selection for stream stats
  • Fixed: base-path injected icorrectly in some cases
  • Removed: edit stream on double click
  • Removed: back button for campaign page
  • Renamed: "Source" to "Site", а "Traffic source" to just "Source"
  • Added: option "all" to the page size select
  • Added: information about source postback in campaign tab "S2S Postbacks"
  • Fixed: incorrectly calculated cost for CPuC model
  • Fixed: filter "Uniqueness" works sometime icorrectly
  • Fixed: some errors with entry-points for Botlist in Admin API
  • Fixed: sometimes checkboxes can't be checked
  • Fixed: sometimes campaign changes after opening it
  • Fixed: local landings doesn't work just after creating 06, 2018

  • Fixed: settings cannot be saved 05, 2018

  • Fixed: minor UI issue

9.1.6March 05, 2018

  • Added method forceRedirectOffer() for KClickClient
  • Updated UI for landing pages
  • Updated templates,
  • Fixed: button 'save' always disabled on the Settings page
  • Removed label 'Not set' in the Offer column
  • Fixed: Directory '/export' not found. 02, 2018

  • Fix migration user bot list to new format 01, 2018

  • Fixed landing uploading on Windows 28, 2018

  • Fixed: page preferences isn't restoring
  • Fixed: kclick_client.php throw error on PHP 5.4 28, 2018

  • Fixed: selected metrics not saved in reports
  • Added sub_id_11 - sub_id_15 to campaign report grouping

9.1.4February 26, 2018

  • Update affise template
  • Fixed send s2s postback 22, 2018

  • Fixed: system log contains entries "Empty campaign"

9.1.3February 22, 2018

  • Added new cost model CPS (Cost per sale) for campaigns
  • Fixed: filters are not persistent while switching between campaign reports,
  • Fixed: when conversion become rejected, the value "Sale time since click" is not empty
  • Some performance improvements for trackers which were upgraded from v8

9.1.2February 19, 2018

  • Added select all visible rows to list in reports
  • Fixed: updating cost by sub id 1..15 doesn't work 19, 2018

  • Improved stability 19, 2018

  • Improved stability 16, 2018

  • Increased limit for filters

9.1February 15, 2018

  • Added new buttons for fast filtering report by black and white lists
  • Added new entry-point /clicks/clean for Admin API
  • Added user info in the traffic log
  • Added validation to check filter max length
  • Added entry-points /streams/disable and /streams/enable
  • Templates selector in affiliate network form shows full list
  • Fixed: some issues with UI
  • Fixed: streams area reset their position after saving

9.0.4February 09, 2018

  • Landing page packs can contain root folder
  • Fixed: incorrect time zone in CSV
  • Fixed: no previews for landing pages
  • Fixed: no monitoring indicator on streams

9.0.2February 08, 2018

  • Added template for
  • Fixed: issues with report menu
  • Fixed: sidebar must be updated after creating new campaign
  • Fixed: error when uploading landing page with php 07, 2018

  • Fixed: report menu isn't working

9.0.1February 07, 2018

  • Fixed: some issues in mobile UI
  • Fixed: params in macros aren't working
  • Fixed: no warnings if campaign is changed but not saved 06, 2018

  • Fixed: Updrating paid geodbs is not working in UI
  • Fixed: Error in a migration
  • Fixed: Destination for double meta-redirect contains gateway.php path
  • Added validation for bot db 02, 2018

  • Improved revenue statistics
  • Fixed Click API getOffer 01, 2018

  • Fixed: users without rights to edit campaign get broken page 01, 2018

  • Fixed: macros {extra_param_1..10} aren't working
  • FIxed: selector "Traffic sources" on page Campaigns is empty 01, 2018

  • Improved updating revenue during postback 30, 2018

  • Added long term currency cache if request failed
  • Fixed "Send to campaign" action
  • Added leadreaktor template 29, 2018

  • Fixed: An error while uploading landing pages
  • Fixed: Users can't create campaigns
  • Fixed: An error when exporting reports in HTML 29, 2018

  • Fixed: bug "Call to a member function setOfferId() on null" 27, 2018

  • Minor bug fixes 26, 2018

  • Remove uniqueness status from bot 26, 2018

  • Fixed: filters on Dashboard works with delay 25, 2018

  • Fixed user botlist add, exclude and clear 25, 2018

  • Fixed bugs in Dashboard
  • Fixed bug with bot db
  • Added command "bin/cli.php bots:import --file=..." 24, 2018

  • Fixed: the old bot list isn't converted
  • Fixed: when adding multiple domains checking the last one only 24, 2018

  • Fixed: Various bugs on Dashboard
  • Fixed: update cost feature doesn't work
  • Fixed: Empty 'destination' column 23, 2018

  • Fixed: macro {current_domain} throws errors
  • Fixed: click api shows error
  • Fixed: migrations throws errors 23, 2018

  • Fixed: macros traffic_source_name and current_domain aren't working
  • Fixed: params are empty after changing traffic source 22, 2018

  • Renamed domain setting SSL to HTTPS
  • Fixed: incorrect click values in streams table
  • Fixed: users can't get access to created domains 22, 2018

  • Fixed minor bugs 20, 2018

  • Fixed several bugs 20, 2018

  • Fixed several bugs 20, 2018

  • Fixed: offer action type is not changable 19, 2018

  • Fixed several bugs 18, 2018

  • Fixed minor bugs 15, 2018

  • Fixed minor bugs 14, 2018

  • Improved traffic processing speed
  • Fixed many bugs 12, 2018

  • Replaced font
  • Fixed minor bugs 12, 2018

  • Fixed minor bugs 10, 2018

  • Fixed: Parameters are not updated in traffic source
  • Fixed: streams can't be modified in search results 08, 2018

  • Minor fixes

9.0January 22, 2018

  • Redirects are much faster now
  • New united page of Campaign and Stream
  • New stream filters page
  • New algorithm in user's bot list is much faster now
  • New Settings page
  • Added: Campaign link as QR Code to the integration methods
  • Added: New cost model RevShare
  • Added: Update cost by sub id x, source, ad campaign id, creative id
  • Added: Favourite streams
  • Added: Local landing pages (uploading zip files)
  • Added: additional sub ids 10 to 15
  • Added: Landing pages can execute actions
  • Added: New setting "Allow PHP in uploaded landing pages"
  • Added: Support IP2Location databases
  • You can specify multiple countries in for an offer
  • Tacking script is common for every landing page
  • Postback can be sent as tracking pixel (
  • Macro {offer} can be called with offer ID, like {offer:123}
  • All metrics can are used in the Dashboard
  • New default action for tracker "404 Not Found" page
  • Separate domains list with comma to add all at once
  • Click Client compatible with feature "Bind visotors"
  • Extra Params are disable by default, but can be enabled in the settings
  • Sidebar is disable by default, but can be enabled in the settings
  • Removed buttons "Clone" and "Move" in the streams section (use favourite streams instead)
  • Changed extension APIs
  • New entry-points for Admin API
  • GET /admin_api/v1/botlist
  • PUT /admin_api/v1/botlist  
  • POST /admin_api/v1/botlist/add        
  • POST /admin_api/v1/botlist/exclude    
  • DELETE /admin_api/v1/botlist            
  • Deleted Admin API entry-points:
  • /streams/[i:id]/enabl
  • /streams/[i:id]/disabl
  • /streams/cop
  • /streams/move_streams

8.6.5March 29, 2018

  • Added feature to make it easier to upgrade to Keitaro 9
  • Fixed several bugs

8.6.4February 02, 2018

  • Improved revenue statistics

8.6.3February 01, 2018

  • Improved updating revenue during postback 25, 2018

  • Fixed: after changing campaign nothing happens

8.6.2January 23, 2018

  • Added sonarclick affiliate network template
  • Added AdvGame affiliate network template
  • Added AD-X affiliate network template
  • Improved simulation
  • Remain landing/offer association during stream archive/restore
  • Improved Facebook traffic source template

8.6.1January 10, 2018

  • Added filtration of binary data from postback log
  • Improved UI of reports campaign filter 31, 2017

  • Remove showing message "Streams cache missed" in system log

8.6December 30, 2017

  • Added templates, Traffic Light,, ReachEffect
  • Added separator ";" to ISP filter
  • Fixed adding new domains with option "Add More"
  • Fixed timezone selector in filter Schedule
  • Fixed cleaning traffic log
  • Fixed resetting time range when switching between campaign reports

8.5.13December 25, 2017

  • Fixed adding domains with "Add more" option
  • Optimized dashboard statistics
  • Improved working with traffic source parameters

8.5.12December 12, 2017

  • Improved streams search
  • Improved ip filter in Click log 05, 2017

  • Improved UI

8.5.10November 27, 2017

  • Improved cleaning of old data
  • Added support for php 5.3 for kclick_client.php
  • Added feature for copy paste countries list to geo-profiles
  • Improved processing of sums coming from postbacks
  • Added converto-force template
  • Improved connection type filter
  • Improved processing of offers receiving parameters from path (ad1,, shakes and others)

8.5.9November 23, 2017

  • Improved monitoring for offer and landing urls

8.5.8November 17, 2017

  • Added icon in grid for Microsoft Edge browser
  • Added Bing traffic source template
  • Added Affise affiliate network template
  • Added Dr. Cash affiliate network template
  • Improved UX of domain parking

8.5.7November 14, 2017

  • Improved work of tracking script
  • Add macro {offer_id} for offer link
  • Improved work with non utf-8 traffic source params
  • improved processing of rejected conversions with zero payout

8.5.6November 09, 2017

  • Improved functionality of additional traffic source parameters
  • Added PaySale affiliate network template
  • Updated Exoclick traffic source template
  • Improved UX for grid column resize 06, 2017

  • Added campaign option for uniqueness detection 03, 2017

  • Adapted domain parking for Bluehost 02, 2017

  • Improved traffic source parameters usage

8.5.5October 31, 2017

  • Added S3NET template
  • Updated template
  • Fixed: executeAndBreak from ClickClient ignores action "404 NotFound" 27, 2017

  • Fix bug in tracking script

8.5.4October 26, 2017

  • Support offer_id in {offer} for tracking script
  • Autocorrect anchor links in landings with preloading enabled
  • Added labels for Ad Campaign ID, Keyword and IP
  • Fixed: the back button in reports don't work
  • Fixed: after changing the campaign report labels don't load 20, 2017

  • Fix InformPay template

8.5.3October 19, 2017

  • Extended external_id length
  • Updated detected browsers list
  • Added affiliate network template for InformPay

8.5.2October 16, 2017

  • Added filter for searching click logs which are globally unique
  • Added option vcm_ignore_engines for ignoring results from specified vcm engines
  • Fixed warnings 12, 2017

  • Fix script kclick_client executeAndBreak 12, 2017

  • Fix CPM cost for cost_auto
  • Fix run cron on several linux distros 11, 2017

  • Bug fixes

8.4.13October 05, 2017

  • Prefetch detection improvements 04, 2017

  • Macro {current_domain} return domain without path

8.4.12October 03, 2017

  • Added template
  • Added new macro {current_domain}
  • Added actions for streams in search results
  • Fixed several bugs

8.4.11September 26, 2017

  • Added block "Domains" to page "Archive"
  • Added validation for URLs

8.4.10September 19, 2017

  • Fixed bug: incorrectly parsing <base path>
  • Added templates,,,
  • Added metric CPS (Cost Per Sale) 13, 2017

  • Added alternative currency conversions source
  • Added entry-points for groups in Admin API

8.4.9September 11, 2017

  • Added templates and 08, 2017

  • Fixed bug occurring when using tracking script with offers 08, 2017

  • Fixed filtering by unknown devices
  • Fixed bug with empty table of offers 08, 2017

  • Fixed bug with default campaign occurring when using nginx as proxy

8.4.8September 07, 2017

  • Fixed bug when curl action incorrectly modify html code
  • Added whitelabel features 31, 2017

  • Added option "Consider prefetch as a bot"
  • Fixed bug occurring while landing pages use HTML link for offer
  • Increased interval between cleaning DB from old data
  • Fixed incorrectly calculated total metric "% Bots"
  • Fixed redirects handling URLs from not-exists pages of parked domains 28, 2017

  • Fixed bug when non-exist URLs opens default action instead of the parked campaign 25, 2017

  • Fixed a bug when click doesn't have geo information 25, 2017

  • Menu item "Domains" moved to the top menu
  • Added validation for offer_id when it's sending from landing page
  • Added option "All Campaigns" to campaign filter
  • Fixed several bugs 22, 2017

  • Some minor fixes for the token storage

8.4.7August 21, 2017

  • Added templates, platform,
  • Automatically exclude CF_COUNTRY in case request goes from Click API 18, 2017

  • Fixed minor bugs 17, 2017

  • Updated DB migration

8.4.6August 16, 2017

  • ATTENTION! In case having large amount of data, this update might last more than usual.
  • Binding visitors to streams last as long as uniqueness TTL
  • Change structure to store stats for affiliate networks
  • Fixed bug when duplicates languages in reports

8.4.5August 14, 2017

  • Fixed bugs occurring when using reports 10, 2017

  • Fixed: Filter "OS" does not work with versions

8.4.4August 10, 2017

  • Closing windows by ESC with checking if the form is saved or untouched
  • Fixed: Error in logs "Uncaught Error: Class 'Models\Stream' not found"

8.4.3August 10, 2017

  • Minor fixes in UI

8.4.2August 09, 2017

  • Fixed: "Time since click" shows 0s if the value < 2m
  • Fixed: Users get "Access denied" when clicking on Profile or Dashboard
  • Hide from users technical information about the tracker, such as version, license expiration time

8.4.1August 08, 2017

  • Increased size of ad_campaign_id

8.4August 08, 2017

  • Added notes for landing pages, campaigns, traffic sources, offers
  • Added templates,,
  • Added option "Include Subdomains" to domains (in order to park all subdomains to some campaign)
  • Fixed: The currency in campaign settings can't be changed
  • Fixed: Error "_token can't be loaded" when using HTML method
  • Fixed: Filtering by group works incorrectly when adding offers or landings to the stream

8.3.8August 07, 2017

  • Added new cost model "CPA"
  • Fixed: Sometimes table is corrupted with error "InnoDB: Flagged corruption of index"
  • Fixed: States of campaign reports aren't restored
  • Remove logging "Analyse necessity ..."

8.3.6August 04, 2017

  • Pages that restricted for users are hidden in menu
  • Some bug fixes 01, 2017

  • Fixed some bugs in reports 01, 2017

  • Fixed: Campaign report is empty

8.3.5August 01, 2017

  • Sync report preferences between devices
  • Added: HasOffers as traffic source (for publishers)
  • Fixed: Postback URL is generated with //
  • Some other minor fixes

8.3.4July 28, 2017

  • Added template
  • Fixed some minor bugs

8.3.3July 20, 2017

  • Added checkbox "Add more" in offer form
  • Update template for
  • Added template for
  • Added column payout to offer list
  • Added country to offers
  • Added option "Unknown" to regions filter
  • Fixed stream position after cloning 18, 2017

  • Updated template for 18, 2017

  • Fixed paths for macro {offer} in case tracker installed to a folder

8.3.2July 16, 2017

  • Support for TokuDB
  • Script ktr.js replaces {subid} in hidden inputs
  • Added command 'visitor:update_geo' that fixes empty countries
  • Shorten tokens for landing pages 12, 2017

  • Fixed some issues with PHP 7.0 10, 2017

  • Fixed bug with duplicated filter by campaign in click log

8.3.1July 10, 2017

  • Added network templates for,,
  • Added item "Postback URL" to menu Maintenance
  • Fixed error "Cannot access empty property ..."
  • Fixed updating metrics on page Trends
  • Fixed cities list in filter Cities 07, 2017

  • Fixed cascade postbacks for multiple actions "Send to Campaign"
  • Exported CSV reports compatible with RFC4180 now 05, 2017

  • Fixed link to conversions log 05, 2017

  • Fixed restoring sorting on first load 04, 2017

  • Fixed white screen after clicking on campaign clicks 04, 2017

  • Added compatibility with URL's like /campaignAlias/ for double-meta redirect 04, 2017

  • Fixed reseting metrics after clicking on report menu
  • Added "Free Disk Space" item to page "Status"
  • Label "New Update" separated from warnings
  • Added method getContent to KClickClient 03, 2017

  • Repaired campaign report menu
  • Added tooltips for report cells 03, 2017

  • Upsells (rebills) are include in metric CPA and EC
  • Fixed bug with uniqueness status in Simulation
  • Added Clicks and Conversions to campaign report
  • Fixed making data resort while resizing columns 01, 2017

  • Fixed aliases for creative_id, ad_campaign_id
  • Fixed report summary
  • Added titles for cells
  • Columns in reports adaptable their width by table size
  • Fixed details for "Recent Clicks"
  • Fixed toggling button "BL/WL"
  • Report can be copied to Excel/Spreadsheets
  • Fixed updating grouping selects
  • Fixed campaign URLs when Keitarot installed to a folter
  • Fixed horizontal scroll in Click Log 30, 2017

  • Fixed saving campaigns 30, 2017

  • Fixed errors in campaign report
  • Fixed actions on resources 30, 2017

  • Fixed block "Recent Clicks" 30, 2017

  • Fixed showing windows 30, 2017

  • Fixed streams sorting 30, 2017

  • Fixed campaign menu 30, 2017

  • Fixed error on choosing domain for campaign

8.3June 29, 2017

  • The reports are updated: the column width is customizable now, a table cap bounce is eliminated, rendering rate is increased
  • Domain management is added (available in PRO version)
  • System menu and “Support” tab are added to a mobile menu
  • All financial metrics in reports show only approved conversions by default
  • Switching off traffic status log is fixed.
  • "Error while decoding token: Syntax error, malformed JSON" is fixed
  • The use of clicks database when the metrics are off on the resources pages is fixed
  • The calculation of postbacks custom statuses while coding the parameters
  • Scroll in iframe on iOS devices is fixed
  • Saving of a “Search engine” parameter is fixed
  • Affiliate networks and templates are added
  • Campaigns without streams save clicks now 22, 2017

  • Added templates for and
  • Fixed collecting LP clicks in Tracking Script. 22, 2017

  • Fixed bug with empty traffic log
  • Fixed rebills
  • Fixed error "ID not found for value" 20, 2017

  • Fixed bug in stats with parent campaigns
  • Fixed bug with rebills when the stream doesn't have offers

8.2.10June 10, 2017

  • Merged stream schemas "Landing Pages" and "Offers"
  • Schema "Redirect" renamed to "Direct URL"
  • Actions "Iframe", "Curl", "Frameset" moved to "Direct URL"
  • Added word "reject" if filter in rejected mode
  • Added templates,,,
  • Added switch "Enable traffic log" on page "Logs"
  • Implemented saving state of charts
  • Fixed filter "Timetable" 08, 2017

  • Fixed showing integration method "Click API Client" 07, 2017

  • Fixed error with migration 'Create table click_links'
  • Fixed bug in option 'Bind visitors'

8.2.9June 07, 2017

  • Fixed margins in stream filters blocks
  • Fixed revenue for rebills (up-sells)
  • Fixed empty values in "eCPM (confirmed)"

8.2.8June 06, 2017

  • Cascade postbacks in case was using "Send to campaign" action
  • Improved filter "Schedule"
  • Increased precision of 'Cost' to 4
  • Fixed bug with clearing sub_id_10
  • Fixed bug in filter "OS Version"

8.2.7June 01, 2017

  • Unlock Click API for basic editions 01, 2017

  • Restored "Export" button
  • Fixed macro {profit} 31, 2017

  • Fixed metric "Time since click"
  • Fixed: UI isn't reloaded after campaign is changed
  • Fixed: Labels are not reloaded after table is reloaded 31, 2017

  • Fixed logo 31, 2017

  • Fixed some issues with counting "LP clicks" and "LP CTR" 30, 2017

  • Fixed: Incorrectly restricted access to streams for users 30, 2017

  • Fixed metric "Sale time since click"

8.2.6May 29, 2017

  • Monitoring works with landing pages and offers
  • Added page size 1000
  • Added param "_new=1" for tracking script to track non-unique clicks
  • Fixed scrollings in tables
  • Fixed incorrect values for metrics "UC rate %", "Time Since LP Click"
  • Fixed: Deleted campaigns visible in campaign lists until full reload

8.2.5May 23, 2017

  • Fixed menu in campaign reports

8.2.4May 23, 2017

  • Added switcher "AND/OR" between filters
  • Allowed using multiple filters of the same type
  • Added template
  • Fixed size of labels column
  • Fixed setting empty value for "Time Since LP Click"
  • Fixed filters in the window "Choose Offer/ Landing pages"
  • Fixed disabling/enabling campaigns

8.2.3May 22, 2017

  • Fixed: To clone and to send to archive cause an error

8.2.2May 20, 2017

  • Fixed: Sometimes incorrect basepath after CURL action
  • Fixed: Position value resets after changing position by dragging
  • Fixed: Campaign cloning shows an error
  • Increased offer name size limit
  • Fixed: Conversion datetime from postback param has incorrect timezone

8.2.1May 19, 2017

  • Added buttons "Link" and "Report" for campaign menu
  • Fixed: Error while sending postback to TS
  • Fixed: Can't change metric for the chart on dashboard
  • Fixed: Filter by "Campaign group" doesn't work
  • Fixed: Removing from BL/WL doesn't work
  • Fixed: Incorrect width for column "Labels"

8.2May 18, 2017

  • New UI for user access control
  • Action "CURL" not uses <base path> instead of converting links
  • Content loaded from CURL now supports macros
  • Added labels for sub ids, source, and creative_id. New column shows when the dimension selected.
  • Added black and white lists.
  • Added setting "LP Load Method". You can preload the landing pages now, without performing redirects
  • KClickClient: 'sub_id' stores in session ($_SESSION['sub_id']).
  • Added: Campaign reports save current settings
  • Improved integration method "JS Ads" for various js codes
  • Added templates for,,
  • Added statuses for TS postback
  • Removed "Source" settings for S2S postbacks
  • Fixed: Error "click not found" while updating params from tracking script
  • Fixed: Campaign menu is partially hidden
  • Fixed: Error while using "UC %" metric

8.1.7May 12, 2017

  • Implemented saving state of setting on page Trends
  • Fixed: When user downloads kclick_client.php it shows 403 error
  • Fixed: Some access bugs
  • Fixed: Broken date picker in favorite reports
  • Fixed: Weight recalculates don't work sometimes 09, 2017

  • Fixed: All the groups are hidden

8.1.6May 09, 2017

  • Fixed: Block "Last Clicks" doesn't reload on refresh
  • Fixed: Error in the code "PHP Redirect" on page "Integration"
  • Fixed: Some issues in user access controls
  • Updated template

8.1.5May 06, 2017

  • Added: New methods getBody(), getHeaders(), isUnique(), isBot() for ClickClient
  • Colorized values in column "Original Status"
  • Fixed: Hidden column "Profitability" on pages Click Log and Conversion Log
  • Fixed: Incorrect logo size on mobile mode
  • Fixed: Deleted streams are included in streams count
  • Fixed: The filter state resets if write too fast

8.1.4May 05, 2017

  • Added action "Iframe" as a replacement for a deprecated "Frameset".
  • Updated instruction for tracking script
  • KTracking.reportConversion sends all query params now

8.1.3May 05, 2017

  • Updated LP instructions, added postback for LPs
  • Allowed changing params of conversions in state "Sale"
  • Fixed: Incorrect currency conversion in postbacks 04, 2017

  • Fixed: Method executeAndBreak in Click Client doesn't stop the page loading 04, 2017

  • Fixed: Sometimes LP page is empty 02, 2017

  • Added a migration that updates current lead values 02, 2017

  • Fixed: Lead payouts included in confirmed profit
  • Fixed: Confirmed ROI cause error
  • Fixed: Error "In aggregated query without GROUP BY"

8.1.1May 02, 2017

  • Fixed: IE Edge downloads page when using action "Show HTML"

8.1.0May 02, 2017

  • Added: Selection for rows. Selected rows are subtracted from summary
  • Added: New metric "UC %"
  • Added: New metric "Approve %"
  • Added: New templates,
  • Summary now fixed at the bottom
  • Fixed: Incorrect summary when enabling filters
  • Fixed: URL doesn't update after changing TS

8.0.27April 29, 2017

  • Improved DB pruner
  • Fixed: Column "Destination" is empty
  • Fixed: Error "Duplicate entry" while adding offers/landings to stream
  • Fixed: Warnings "unlink() directory not exists" in the log
  • Fixed: Setting "Avoid using MySQL" can't be disabled

8.0.26April 27, 2017

  • Send corrent content-type for "Show text"
  • Added new metrics to Dashboard settings
  • Added template
  • Added methods for getOffer() and getSubId() to Click API Client
  • Fixed: Incorrect time ranges for "This week", "This year"
  • Fixed: Param creative_id duplicates (current values left untouched)
  • Fixed: Macro {cost} doesn't work
  • Fixed: Dashboard chart shows incorrect data when filter by campaign is enabled 26, 2017

  • Fixed: Error "Duplicate entry N for sub_id"

8.0.25April 26, 2017

  • Fixed: Too long 'token' param on LPs

8.0.24April 26, 2017

  • Dates in logs are shown in user time zone
  • Allow sending 0 for creative_id
  • Improved code "JS Ads"
  • Improved DB pruner
  • Fixed: Broken UTF-8 chars in sub_id_n params
  • Fixed: Tracking script request subid on every page
  • Fixed: Incorrect content-type when using js redirects 24, 2017

  • Fixed: Sub id 10 and extra param 10 are always empty

8.0.23April 22, 2017

  • Fixed: Bots are not saving to stats
  • Fixed: Sometimes SubIds have incorrect values
  • Fixed: Incorrect flags of IR and UK
  • Fixed: Offers and LPs are not copying when cloning a stream
  • Fixed: Users get "Access Denied" on some pages
  • Optimized DB pruner process
  • Action "Show HTML" do not show wrapper code if users code contains tag "<html>" 20, 2017

  • Fixed: Subid duplicates in DB
  • Fixed: Errors while saving clicks 20, 2017

  • Fixed: Empty result of macro {tid}
  • Fixed: Custom macros returns empty values
  • Fixed: Error "Cannot redeclare class ..."

8.0.22April 19, 2017

  • Improved loading speed of resource pages (campaigns, offers, traffic sources, etc)
  • Fixed: Sub IDs are being deleted
  • Fixed: Uniqueness filter "for stream" works the same as "for campaign"
  • Fixed: Several misspellings in language names

8.0.21April 18, 2017

  • Added: New metric "Bot %"
  • Fixed: Some issues in user access control

8.0.20April 17, 2017

  • Fixed: Filter values like {{value}} are hidden in stream table
  • Fixed: Removed password requirement in edit user form
  • Added: Full strings of cells are shown in tooltips 16, 2017

  • Fixed: Non-utf8 symbols cause error in stat calculator
  • Fixed: Affiliate networks loads from MySQL instead of Redis

8.0.19April 16, 2017

  • Added macro {device_brand}
  • Fixed: Filter "Stream" doesn't work in reports
  • Fixed: Some macros returns empty values
  • Fixed: Sorting in resource tables doesn't work
  • Fixed: Clearing postbacks log doesn't work

8.0.18April 15, 2017

  • Updated traffic source and aff. networks templates
  • Fixed: Cloning a stream with monitoring cause error
  • Improved uniqueness of subid

8.0.17April 15, 2017

  • Fixed: Hidden icon Chrome in reports
  • Fixed: Report doesn't restore previous state if it was opened from campaign page

8.0.16April 14, 2017

  • Added timezone to Clear stats windows
  • Added validation for entry-point "/campaigns/id/update_cost"
  • Fixed: API path "/clicks/log" doesn't work
  • Fixed: Empty chart before 10 am in trends when enabled grouping by hours

8.0.15April 13, 2017

  • Updated device DB
  • Fixed: Error when visitor has IPv6
  • Fixed: Error when creating API key

8.0.14April 12, 2017

  • Fixed: Streams are being deleted sometimes
  • Added macro {original_status} 11, 2017

  • Fixed: Incorrectly setting status rejected to clicks, when the conversion has status Lead
  • Added columns: Lead, Sale, Rejected

8.0.13April 11, 2017

  • Add validation for Maxmind connection type values
  • Changed: Time interval uses conversion time instead of click time
  • Updated links to documentation
  • Changed: startDate to start_date, endDate to endDate in API campaigns/:id/update_costs и campaigns/:id/cleaner

8.0.12April 10, 2017

  • Added button "Metrics" to all resource pages, except Streams
  • Separated metrics EC, ROI, eCPM, EPC to "confirmed + hold" and "confirmed only".
  • Added metric "LP clicks"
  • Fixed: Resource filter in reports doesn't work
  • Fixed: Action "Send to campaign" doesn't work
  • Fixed: When removing a filter for report, removes the last one
  • Fixed: Can't save changes in custom report
  • Fixed: Metric "Sale period" doesn't show hours value 08, 2017

  • Fix: Campaign table doesn't reload after editing campaign 08, 2017

  • Fixed: Error "Unknown column 'Array' in 'field list'"

8.0.11April 07, 2017

  • Added campaign names to Campaign Report
  • Added new metrics: Sale time, Sale period (Period between click and sale time), Sale time since click, LP click time, Time since LP click
  • Added grouping for campaign list in windows Move/Clone streams
  • Fixed: Domain action is not working
  • Fixed: Incorrect timezone offer for stats in table Streams
  • Fixed: Sorting by column "Name" is not working
  • Fixed: Metric ECPM is not available
  • Fixed: Macros {campaign_id}, {campaign_id}, {stream_id} returns empty values 04, 2017

  • Fixed: Select of LPs and Offers are not working
  • Fixed: Campaigns don't remove from sidebar after deleting

8.0.10April 04, 2017

  • Replaced UI for splitting LPs and offers
  • Fixed: Incorrect values in metrics EC и eCPC
  • Fixed: Slow calculations in stats processing
  • Fixed: To clone streams is not working 01, 2017

  • Fixed: Campaign report shows "Resource not found"

8.0.9April 01, 2017

  • Added filters for pages Campaigns, Landing Pages, Offers, Aff. networks, traffic source
  • Added single value select for filters with multichoice
  • Added field "Offer parameters". These params are appended to offer URLs
  • Added campaign filter to Click Log and Conversion Log
  • Changed URI for Admin API from "/api" to "/admin_api"
  • Replaced blacklist restriction to whitelist restriction for users
  • Updated campaign menu
  • Table footer has now fixed position
  • Fixed: URL builder show empty value in stream form
  • Fixed: Currency doesn't update after changing in settings
  • Fixed: Empty values for column "Country icon"
  • Fixed: Incorrect cost values when used Auto and CPM in campaigns
  • Fixed: Resets group in campaign if it just created

8.0.8March 29, 2017

  • Improved setting "Bind visitors", now it works with LPs and offers
  • Added param 'cost' in traffic source parameters
  • Disabled campaigns are hidden from the sidebar
  • Set max width for column (click on cell to see the full value)
  • Fixed: Charts doesn't show line before 10 am
  • Fixed tooltips on OS and browser icons
  • Fixed: Sends empty postback to traffic source
  • Fixed: Blocks in the Dashboard are shown in incorrect order
  • Fixed: Errors "Duplicate entry"

8.0.7March 24, 2017

  • Replaced algorithm of the subid generator to temporary one.
  • Added cost type "CPM" (cost per 1000 clicks)
  • Added limits to fields "Name"
  • Added {offer} to tracking script
  • Added dimensions "IP 1.2.3.*" and "1.2.*.*"
  • Updated campaign menu
  • Fixed: Incorrect position of streams on page Streams
  • Fixed: 'scandir(): (errno 2): No such file or directory'
  • Fixed: Some pages are incorrectly restricted to users.
  • Fixed: Column sorting in reports
  • Fixed: No chart line for unique clicks in Dashboard
  • Fixed: Error "duplicated macro operator"
  • Increased text value for streams
  • Removed DB "Operators v2" 22, 2017

  • Fixed: Filters are not working in streams with type "Forced". 21, 2017

  • Fixed: Error in Double-meta redirect 20, 2017

  • Fixed: Bug in reports with calendar dimensions
  • Fixed: Charts are empty

8.0.6March 20, 2017

  • Added: Traffic log (log_level must be set to 'debug')
  • Added: New method KTracking.update({param: value}) to tracking script
  • Added placeholders to URL fields
  • Added method currentPageAsReferrer() to Click API Client v2
  • Fixed: Blank param values after transition LP -> Offer
  • Fixed: Device filter not working
  • Fixed: Not saving params ad_campaign_id, external_id, creative_id to stats
  • Fixed: Error "Couldn't find constant Monolog\Logger::WARN"
  • Fixed: Counters are not updating in Streams table
  • Fixed: Click API Client v2 sends current as referrer

8.0.5March 17, 2017

  • Removed macro {click_id}
  • Fixed: Unique clicks counter is always 0
  • Fixed: Clone streams
  • Improved tracking script for LPs
  • Fixed updating sub_id_n from LPs
  • Allow users to clear data of their campaigns
  • Added: New filters ad_campaign_id, creative_id, search_engine
  • Added: Create reports with multiple campaigns
  • Added: Additional menu for groups in campaign report
  • Fixed: Saving incorrect language in Click API
  • Fixed: After removing the first dimension, all block is hidden
  • Adde link to Dashboard

8.0.4March 13, 2017

  • Fixed meta redirect and double meta redirect
  • Fixed: Errors is generated codes for Click API Client v1 and v2
  • Fixed: Mass clone and archive actions
  • Fixed: Users get access to restricted pages in UI
  • Added action "Do nothing"

8.0.3March 08, 2017

  • Login page in English
  • Updated template for
  • Added additional menus to Campaigns page
  • Added column Level to page Logs
  • Added macro {traffic_source_name}
  • Refresh list in sidebar after group renamed or campaign clones
  • Added auto pruner for Archive
  • Added groups and categories in selects on page Users/Access

8.0.2March 02, 2017

  • Added changelog for 8 version
  • Fixed: Authentication reset after Keitaro is updated
  • Added column "Link" to campaigns table
  • Fixed: bug in filter "GET parameter" 01, 2017

  • Fixed UI 01, 2017

  • Fixed: page campaign streams
  • Fixed: Keitaro self-update

8.0.1March 01, 2017

  • New UI for page Users
  • Fixed dashboard

7.10.27September 14, 2017

  • Fixed bug "CRON: Redirect is caught"
  • Fixed bug "Detected browser name was not found in $availableBrowsers"