Ultimate Self-hosted Advertising Tracker

Designed specifically for media buyers and publishers to optimize, complete control, and protect your traffic. Reduce costs for unprofitable advertising campaigns and focus on generating profit.

Self-Hosted requires a VPS server to install


Self-Hosted requires a VPS server to install

  • Connecting to your external site.
  • Collecting statistics of all clicks, incoming parameters and custom conversions.
  • Sending data to third-party services. Integrated with more than 120 Traffic Sources.
  • Connecting pixels and multi-offer landing pages.
  • Analytics of efficiency and finance.
  • Teamwork with customizable access levels.
  • A/B split flows, more than 30 built-in filters for traffic processing and ability to integrate a custom script.
  • Conversion capping and ready-made templates for Affiliate networks.
  • Local landing pages and work without redirects.
  • Integration with popular bot protection services.
  • Click API/Admin API to manage the tracker via server requests.

Integrated with 120+ traffic sources

Key features

Traffic distribution on your terms

Set up hundreds of landing pages and redirects within one Keitaro campaign. Use filters and additional conditions to show different content to target users. As a result, you will have only one link on which you can run all your ads.

<span class="text-primary">Traffic distribution</span> on your terms

Every minute updated data and conversions attribution

Customizable reports for millions of clicks in seconds. Accounting for all conversions, as well as transferring them to external services and advertising networks.

Every minute updated <span class="text-primary">data</span> and conversions <span class="text-primary">attribution</span>

Protecting LP from bots

Use the tracker’s built-in bot database or expand it with your own values. Work with pre-filters, which allow you to integrate a third-party bot protection system before the traffic gets into Keitaro.

<span class="text-primary">Protecting LP</span> from bots

More than 250+ affiliate network templates

The best way to understand Keitaro is to see it in action

How Keitaro helps our clients

Teamwork with access levels configured for each role

Teamwork with access levels configured for each role

Major players in affiliate marketing are often represented by large teams, where each member performs specific tasks, whether it is account farming, setting up bundles, or media buying.

If a client works with and purchases traffic through mobile apps, a clearly defined distribution of team roles is key to success. Keitaro offers one of the strongest solutions available for flexible and effective teamwork.

Teamwork with access levels configured for each role
Multi-offer landing pages

Multi-offer landing pages

When working with the Nutra (Nutritional supplements) industry or Financial offers, affiliates often use landing page-showcases, on which many offers are presented at once. When multiple offers are presented in close proximity, in particular on the same page, it can be very challenging to track the effectiveness of each individual offer.

We are constantly improving our multi-offer landing pages to increase their conversion rate and effectiveness so our clients can easily achieve desired results and work successfully. We strongly recommend Keitaro for these purposes, because its built-in set of tools is the best solution for working with this kind of websites and multi-offer tracking.

Multi-offer landing pages
Advertising optimization and cost reduction

Advertising optimization and cost reduction

One of the main tasks of an affiliate marketer is to find a profitable bundle as early as possible and scale it. The faster the working approach is found, the more budget will be saved and the higher the ROI will be.

In our advertising network, affiliates can purchase millions of push per day and Keitaro is exactly the tool that helps to test many approaches at the same time, coping perfectly with huge volumes of traffic.

Advertising optimization and cost reduction

We take an active part in affiliate community

Industry compliance

Keitaro is fully committed to complying with all relevant data protection legal requirements, including the new EU data protection regulatory framework, GDPR, and the California Consumer Privacy Act of 2018 (CCPA) – respecting requests to exercise privacy rights.

What people say

Feedback from the users of my services shows that Keitaro is the most famous tracker among webmasters. Integrations, postbacks, a/b tests, traffic distribution and all other features work flawlessly and stably, which is very important in our field. Also the service has an adequate price and good technical support.

Yevheniy Fomenko

Yevheniy Fomenko

Founder of iProxy.online

Keitaro is one of the pioneers of traffic tracking solutions. It is a reliable partner, and we've been cooperating with them for more than a year now. I'd like to point out how stably Keitaro works. Its optimization is at a proper level and rationally uses server resources, which allows to keep the processing of a large amount of traffic at a high speed even on a weak hardware. In case of any difficulties, Keitaro support always reacts quickly and helps to find the best solution.

Pavlo Khodnevych

Pavlo Khodnevych

Founder of Friend Hosting

We've been using Keitaro to buy traffic for a long time. It was an obvious choice because of its wide functionality and convenient integrations with various affiliate networks.

Vadim Korepov

Vadim Korepov

Founder of Partnerkin.com

Keitaro is definitely one of the best trackers you can expect, being flexible and functional at the same time. I know many of our clients use Keitaro to manage campaigns and build reports. I have to say that would be a smart choice for any affiliate marketer if you want to scale your business efficiently:)

Eleanor Xie

Eleanor Xie

Business Manager at AdsPower

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