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Optimize advertising campaigns. Analyze acquisition channels. Control CPA funnels. Target the audience. All-in-one place.

One Tool. Many Goals.

Intelligent Split Testing & Rotators

Keitaro provides 20+ filters for a precise web-traffic targeting (geolocation, mobile operator, device and browser info, timetable and more).

Flexible Actions

Besides redirects, Keitaro allows to show any content, render a frame, run JS snippet or request data from an external page.

Easy to Navigate Detailed In-Depth Stats

Keitaro detects more than 20 visitor characteristics and calculates 30+ metrics. Every report is customizable.

All Type of Traffic Sources Compatibility

Keitaro perfectly works with Facebook, Google Adwords, AdMob and many other ad networks.

All Type of Affiliates Model Compatibility

Keitaro can be used for CPA offers, contact collecting, app installs and direct sales.

Link Protection

Protect your ideas for advertising campaigns from competitors.

Unlimited Users Support

Control what resources they can modify and which metrics they see.


You can control your campaigns though Keitaro Admin API and integrate your website directly with Keitaro Click API.


Create your own action scripts, filters, and macros.

Speed & Accuracy

Keitaro can handle with millions of clicks daily.

Technical Support

We're always ready to answer questions and deal with problems you might have.

One-Click Installation

Just paste a command on your fresh new server, all necessary software will be prepared automatically. Free SSL.

Split Testing & Rotators

Keitaro can split traffic into multiple directions, such as offers, landing pages, direct URLs.

  • Fast redirects irrespective of the database size and any MySQL performance issues.
  • Easy swap of landings and offers
  • Split clicks into multiple offers on the same landing page
  • 20+ filters: country, state, mobile operator, ISP, traffic source tokens, hours of the day, days of the week, etc.


All Type of Traffic Sources

Keitaro perfectly works with all kind of traffic source. It can be ad networks, websites, social networks.

  • CPC bids compatibility
  • Various templates for popular traffic sources (Facebook, Adwords, Exoclick, Zeropark, etc)
  • Multi-currency costs (USD, EUR, GBP, RUB, UAH)
  • Tracking script (LP Pixel) to run traffic directly to the page
  • Sends S2S Postbacks to ad networks and 3-party trackers
  • Historical costs updates
  • Tracks AdCampaign ID, SiteID, CreativeID, ExternalID, Keyword, Referrer, 10 SubIDs for TS tokens.

Flexible Actions

Keitaro supports redirects, content generation and share splitting between landing pages and offers. It allows you to target any type of content, like banners.

  • LPs splitting, offers splitting, LPs+offer splitting
  • HTTP redirect, double meta redirect, js redirects, redirects for script and iframe, formSubmit, remote-redirect
  • Show text/HTML, open in frame, show 404, CURL, send to campaign
  • Compatibility with JS snippets (banners, popups, popunders, topbar, context ad, etc)
  • Custom user action scripts on PHP


Detailed and Customizable In-Depth Stats

Keitaro allows you to build reports by grouping multiple variables into a single report in order to help you to find the more efficient combinations.

  • Customizable table columns
  • Filters for data
  • Saving to favorites
  • Export to CSV and HTML
  • Clicks log

All Type of Offers Compatibility

Keitaro isn't limited by CPA offers.

  • 100+ known affiliate networks. Just select one of them as a template
  • CPA and CPC payout models
  • Compatible with upsells and rebills compatibility
  • Multi-currency payouts
  • Create reports based on data from aff. networks
  • Collect leads from your personal webpage (using Tracking script or by server-side request)
  • Multiple lead statuses: hold, confirmed, rebill, rejected
  • Limit clicks to the streams for traffic selling
  • Optionally hides traffic source (referrer)
  • Conversions log


Link and Page Protection

Keitaro helps to protect your links from bots and competitors.

  • A proprietary database of modern bots. Updates twice a month.
  • Link cloaking
  • Detailed reporting of all bot and cloaked traffic

For Media Buying Teams

Give access team members and your clients. Choose what they can do and what they can see.

  • Multiple levels, such as full access, read only access, access to selected campaigns, access to created by user campaigns.
  • Configurable permissions to metrics and information
  • Access to Admin API restricted by their permissions
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Keitaro has two APIs: Click API to perform remoted campaigns and Admin API to control the system.

  • Control campaigns and resources by Admin API
  • Get reports and current stats from Admin API
  • Access to API with an API Key. Revoke the key anytime.
  • Perform a campaign and get the instructions by Click API
  • Keitaro CLI tools

Create Custom Actions and Macros

Keitaro allows you slightly to extend his functionality.

  • Write custom action script on PHP (redirect, page generation, etc)
  • Write URL macro to include any dynamic data to you URLs (offer URLs, redirect URLs, outgoing postbacks)


One-Click Installation

We provide a script that does all necessary work on your new server automatically.

  • Installs PHP-FPM, Nginx, MariaDB, Redis, Monit
  • Optimizes server for the maximum performance
  • Request SSLs for all your domains
  • Configures firewall and monit
  • Creates a DB
  • Adds Cron jobs
  • Installs Keitaro
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  • What options does Keitaro offer that other tracker don't?

    Many redirect types and instant actions. Varios integration methods for LPs, e-commerce, and websites. Tools for media buying teams. Customizable reports. Powerful API.
  • Can I use Keitaro if I forgot to pay my license?

    Keitaro continues to process clicks, but won't save stats. You also will see the message in control panel. It's better to pay in advance to prevent such situations.
  • What payment methods do you accept?

    Visa, MasterCard, Webmoney and PayPal.
  • Does Keitaro work with other trackers like Voluum, Adsbridge?

    Yes, you can add Keitaro before or after another tracker.
  • Can I install Keitaro on my shared hosting?

    No, you can't. You can install Keitaro on VPS or dedicated server only.
  • How much traffic can Keitaro handle with?

    Keitaro can handle with up to 200k daily clicks on shared hostings and over 1M clicks on dedicated servers.
  • May I use one license key for several domains?

    Yes, but these domains must be used on the same server
  • How to install Keitaro?

    To install Keitaro on VPS or dedicated server we recommend using 1-click installer.
  • Can I use CloudFlare?

  • Why I should use self-hosted tracker instead of cloud based?

    When you use cloud based service you pay for clicks and users. Self-hosted trackers don't have this limits.
  • Is Keitaro better than other self-hosted trackers?

    We believe yes. Keitaro use cutting-edge technologies and provides relieable traffic processing service. Moreover, Keitaro contains of unique features. For example, customizable reports, incredible integration methods and custom actions.
  • Have more questions?

    Contact our team by sending a message to

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