<span class="text-primary">Flexible</span> traffic handling

Flexible traffic handling

Tracking any kind of traffic

Track not only clicks from the Tracker URL, but also organic traffic coming to your site, including all incoming parameters like keyword or search_engine.

Local landing pages with built in editor

Work with local landings without any external redirects. Upload them via zip archives into the tracker and edit the code through our built-in editor.

Split testing

Run A/B testing of streams/landings/offers to find the most profitable bundle.

Traffic Simulation

The built-in traffic simulation tool will help you test your funnel and see if all flows and filters are working the way you want them to.

Redirects for every occasion

Five built-in redirects to direct traffic by 302, JS, Meta, CURL or your custom solution, which you can integrate within two clicks.

Choose action for your traffic flow

If you do not want to show a landing page to your visitor, you can choose one of the built-in actions, such as to show a 404 page or output HTML container.

Receiving and transmitting click parameters

You have up to 32 cells at your disposal, where you can record any click params, including dynamic values from advertising sources.

Track non-unique visits and bind them to streams

Check the uniqueness of clicks with IP / UA and bind them to specific streams to visit a constant landing page or to action.

Accurate traffic filtering

More than 30 internal filters will allow you to accept only targeted clicks. If you have not found a suitable filter, you can write and integrate your own, according to the template that we will provide.

Capping Offers

Automatically switch traffic to other offers, if you have reached the limit of conversions on a particular one.

Quick rotation of campaign streams

Drag the streams by hand changing the order in which they work. Duplicate it or add it to the Favourites to quickly recreate them for new campaigns.

Reports and data <span class="text-primary">analytics</span>

Reports and data analytics

Bug tracking logs and incoming events

The system log will help to trace errors in a tracker operation. And the log of conversions and clicks will help check the presence of an event at a server level.

Interactive Dashboard

Real-time dashboard with actionable insights shows the overall picture.

Multicurrency support

All payments will be automatically converted to the tracker's main currency.

Export reports

Save reports for quick access or export them to Excel/CSV for offline work.

Manual costs upload

If you are unable to accept costs automatically, you can always adjust them by setting values manually.

Customizable reports with filters and metrics

Log up to 50 million clicks per second. Customize your report using only the necessary metrics within the desired timeframe.

Black whitelists and markers in reports

Use markers to quickly generate black/white lists and upload them to the ad networks.

Traffic Simulation

The built-in traffic simulation tool will help you test your funnel and see if all flows and filters are working the way you want them to.



Automatic costs uploading from Facebook, TikTok, GoogleAds etc.

Ready-made API integrations allow you to receive data on advertising campaigns from the most popular traffic sources.

GEO profiles

Create your profile consisting of English-speaking countries and use it to further filter your traffic.

Click API

Click API is an app interface to run Keitaro campaigns remotely. With a campaign token, you can send CURL requests and receive JSON in response to your remote server.

Built-in templates for advertising and affiliate networks

Choose a service template you work with and get a ready-made set of all the parameters as well as Postbacks settings for instant integration.

Integration scripts

Built-in integration scripts allow you to quickly connect the tracker to remote sites as well as builders like WordPress or Shopify.

Live monitoring

A tool that will allow you to monitor the availability of your URLs on a schedule and do the automatic substitution in case they are invalid.



Built-in spam bots databases with custom values

The built-in database is updated every 2 weeks, and the ability to add your own lists of IPs and signatures allows you to customize it for your traffic.

Admin Dashboard protection

Choose specific domains for Admin Dashboard access. Reports and data analytics Tab.

GDPR mode

Secure the GDPR compliant mode, in which the tracker does not record user cookies while maintaining full functionality.

Server Protection

Built-in Fail2ban service denying hosts causing multiple authentication error access to a service.

Keitaro Geo DB

Explore your audience geo data with built-in Keitaro Geo DB. No more need for third-party geo databases.

IPV6 Support

Full IPv6 support guarantees that you won't lose any visitors.



Rebill and Reject sales

By transmitting a unique transaction number, you will be able to record additional sales or make payment rejections in the tracker.

Income conversions with different status

Tracker can accept conversions with different statuses, such as lead, sale, upsale, and others. You can also send a custom status conversion by training the tracker beforehand.

S2S Postbacks

Outbound postbacks will allow you to pass all the necessary information to third-party services such as advertising networks, CRM systems, and etc.

API access and <span class="text-primary">teamwork</span>

API access and teamwork

Audit Log

Take control of what you share and your teammates' actions, whether deleting a campaign or cleaning data.

Multi-user access

Teamwork with the allocation of key roles. Create new users for your team members and set access to various tracker resources, like financial reports or system settings.



Advertising Networks

Built-in integration APIs with advertising networks such as Google Ads or Facebook allow to receive your ad campaigns costs automatically. It takes just a few clicks to set up.


Turn on Cloudflare Proxy with a single click. Maximize the protection of the landing pages.


Rapidly buy and configure domains directly from Keitaro with our Namecheap integration. Save time on launching new advertising campaigns.

Bot protection services

Use third-party spam databases for additional checking of your clicks.

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